Ritterkostüm für glorreiche Schlachten und Ehre

A knight is brave, strong, just and is always around if problems should arise. But a true knight also has a real knight costume. In our webshop you can discover a world full of knight costumes, knight helmets and knight swords. Liontouch sells all the costumes and accessories you need before you go to war.

Ritterschild, Bernstein Drache
Artikel-Nr. 29301LT
$21.99 Nicht verfügbar
Umhang, Mysteriöser Ritter
Artikel-Nr. 28003LT
$27.99 Nicht verfügbar
Axt, Edler Ritter
Artikel-Nr. 10300LT
Edler Ritter Schild, rot
Artikel-Nr. 11350LT
$21.99 Nicht verfügbar
Edler Ritter Helm
Artikel-Nr. 114LT
Umhang, Maltserkreuz
Artikel-Nr. 13804LT
$27.99 Nicht verfügbar

A design that fits you

At Liontouch we sell knight costumes in various colors, shapes and sizes. This is because it is important that a knight costume fits the type of knight you want to be. Maybe you protect the king, fight for your country or maybe you want to win a tournament to impress the princess.

The right knight costume conveys a message to your enemy and tells him whose side you are on and what you do best on the battlefield. For instance, knights use different kinds of knight swords and bear knight costumes and knight shields of different colors. You may also choose your favorite color for your whole outfit. If your favorite color is green you may wish to buy a green knight costume, a green knight helmets and a green knight sword.

Knight Helmets and knight swords in EVA foam

The many different kinds of knight costume that Liontouch produces are made to protect little brave knights in more than one way. When you look for a knight costume from Liontouch, we guarantee that each part of the costume is of premium quality and safety tested. Knight helmets, knight shields and knight swords are all made from EVA foam. A material that makes the individual products flexible and ensure that they do not contain unhealthy phthalates.