Prinzessinnenkostüm mit echtem Zauber für Kinder

Is your one big dream to become a princess? Liontouch can make the dream come true. In our webshop, you can get all that is needed in order to become a real princess. We sell both princess crowns and princess dresses for kids. Let the icing on the cake be a princess sword, a princess mirror, a wand, a shield or any other princess item you can find in our webshop. What princess costume and which accessories you choose depend solely on what kind of princess you want to be.

Visit our webshop and explore our selection of princess costumes – we are sure you will find your next princess fancy dress here. 


A fancy dress worthy of a princess

Only the best is good enough for a princess. At Liontouch we are well aware of that. Therefore every princess fancy dress are of high quality and made with care for those, who wants a fairytale costume. Our princess swords and princess crowns are made of EVA foam, which is a flexible material that does not contain unhealthy phthalates. To cut a long story short: When you buy a costume from Liontouch, you get a fancy dress worthy of a princess.   

A princess sword for self-defense

Sometimes the princess ends up in a situation, where she has to protect herself. Back in the old days, the prince or the brave knight always showed up to save her, but it is not always like that anymore. Therefore, it is no longer enough for a princess to only wear a princess crown and a princess dress. She also needs to have something to defend herself with. This is why Liontouch produces swords for girls or princess swords, that can be used to fight enemies that have entered the castle. A princess sword is of cause characterized by being pink.

At Liontouch, we sell different kinds of princess swords, so that you can choose the one that you like the most or the one that fits your princess costume the best.