If you are a B2B-customer, we reserve the right to send you emails regarding new products, offers, general information etc.

 General terms of sales: 

 Ordering:   Directly on www.liontouch.com with a B2B user log in provided by Liontouch. Contact admin@liontouch.com 

 Order quantity:  Prices are based on buying full boxes 

 When ordering minimum 500 pcs per item a discount of 10% is granted 

 When buying less than full boxes it is required to purchase minimum 10 pcs. or as the items are packed from the factory. See price list. 

 A warehouse handling cost will be charged for pick and pack for less than full boxes 

 Products packed in inner bags or tubes are only sold in full packs 

 Payment:  100 % before delivery or as agreed. Payment to be made by bank transfer or through the web shop. Find bank information on invoice 

 Delivery:  EXW our warehouse in Denmark 

 When ordering through the web shop the final transportation cost will be added to the invoice after the order has been placed 

 Handling costs:  A handling charge of 25 EURO per pallet is added to the invoice if the order is picked up at the warehouse by the customer. 

 When a confirmed order has been packed it is too late to make changes. If changes are demanded it will be at a charge  

 An administration fee of 25 EURO is added to the invoice if orders are not placed through the Liontouch homepage 

 Special packing requirements are possible and will be charged by hours, boxes, bags etc.  

 General:  Packaging and labeling is standard for all products unless otherwise agreed. Some products will be modified during the year. 

 Goods on stock are sold "first come first serve". Stock lists are available online at www.liontouch.com or on request 

 Delivery time for goods not on stock can be up to 3 months. Forecasts are encouraged to help ensure availability. 

 The prices are based on average USD exchange rate for the past year and will be in effect for all new orders 

 In case of high fluctuation in the USD, new safety regulations for toys or increases in raw materials and production costs, the prices will be changed. 

 Prices and conditions can be changed with one months notice. Other conditions to be agreed individually. 

 In case of discrepancy between the prices in the pricelist and on the homepage the pricelist has priority 

 This price list is confidential and for official Liontouch wholesalers only. 

 Reservation is taken against typing mistakes.  

 GPDR:  When doing business with Visiodan A/S you accept our GPDR privacy terms 

 The standard terms will be updated over the coming period 

New products:All products and prices are subject for change