The prices are based on ex works Copenhagen warehouse

Minimum order size is EUR 500.

Payment: 100% before delivery.

Packaging and labeling is standard for all products unless otherwise agreed. Some products will be modified during the year.

Goods on stock are sold "first come first serve". Stock lists are available on request.

Delivery time for goods not on stock can be up to 3 months. Forecasts are encouraged to help ensure availability.

A handling charge of 25 EURO per order/pallet is added to the invoice if the order is picked up at the warehouse by the customer.

The prices are based on average USD exchange rate for 2017 and will be in effect for all new orders placed and delivered in 2018.

In case of high fluctuation in the USD, new safety regulations for toys and increases in raw materials and production costs, the prices will be changed.

Prices and conditions can be changed with one month’s notice. Other conditions to be agreed individually.

This price list is confidential.

Reservation is taken against typing mistakes.