A toy shield that fits you perfectly

Whether you are to fight a dragon, survive in a battle with a pirate or take the throne, it might be a clever idea to look for a shield for children at Liontouch. In our opinion, a shield is not just a shield. A toy shield should fit the person that goes to war. Therefore, Liontouch has a wide selection of toy shields for children. Amongst other types of shield, you can get one which is inured to a fire-spitting dragon, a foam shield that is made from an old chest or a tough Viking shield.

Are you considering which shield fits your costume? Read more about the different types of foam shields here and pick whatever shield you need.

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Knight Shield, red, Noble Knight
Item No. 11350LT In stock
0.29 45 x 34,5 cm 0.29 EVA
kr. 149,95
Knight Shield, blue, Noble Knight
Item No. 113LT In stock
290 45 x 34,5 cm 0.29 EVA
kr. 149,95
Maltese Shield, Maltese Line
Item No. 149LT In stock
272 33 x 44 cm 0.272 EVA
kr. 149,95
Knight Shield, Fleur-de-lis
Item No. 15001LT In stock
0.207 39,5 x 31,5 cm 0.207 EVA
kr. 149,95
Pirate Shield, Pirate Red Stripe
Item No. 227LT In stock
241 36 x 37 cm 0.241 EVA
kr. 149,95
Queen Shield, Queen Rosa
Item No. 25101LT In stock
0.147 42 x 29 x 62,5 0.147 EVA
kr. 149,95
Princess Shield, Crystal Princess
Item No. 25201LT In stock
0 0.175 EVA Skum
kr. 149,95
Knight Shield, Golden Eagle
Item No. 27001LT In stock
0.222 0.222 EVA
kr. 149,95
Mystery Knight Shield, Knight Line
Item No. 28001LT In stock
0.2 0.2 EVA
kr. 149,95
Prince Lionheart Shield, Prince Line
Item No. 29001LT In stock
0.2 0.2 EVA
kr. 149,95
King Shield, Triple Lion
Item No. 29101LT In stock
0 0.195
kr. 149,95
King Shield, Kingmaker
Item No. 29201LT In stock
0 0.25 EVA Skum
kr. 149,95
Knight Shield, Amber Dragon
Item No. 29301LT In stock
0 0.175 EVA Skum
kr. 149,95
Samurai Shield, Samurai Line
Item No. 29501LT In stock
0 35 cm. 0.275 EVA Skum
kr. 149,95
Roman Shield, Roman Line
Item No. 30001LT In stock
0.2 0.2 EVA
kr. 149,95
Viking Shield, Viking Line
Item No. 50002LT In stock
0 0.205
kr. 149,95
Dragon Shield, Fantasy Line
Item No. 761LT In stock
0.254 46 x 30 cm 0.254 EVA
kr. 149,95

    Children’s shields are good protection

    When you buy a toy shield from Liontouch you get a shield to watch out for you in more than one way. A foam shield for children can protect you from your worst enemy even in long-lasting and bloody combats, but it is also designed to protect everyone who is part of the game. Liontouch makes sure that our foam shields for children are both durable and have passed a security and quality test. Amongst other things, this means that we carefully select what materials toy shields should be made from. You can read more about this in the following section.

    Foam shields in the right mould

    All of the toy shields you can buy at Liontouch are made of EVA foam. EVA foam is characterized by its flexibility and elasticity, which makes the material much like rubber. But EVA foam is also acknowledged as a great material for toys, because it does not contain dangerous phthalates. This means that strokes do not hurt too much and that the material of foam shields protects the children who play with it.