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Through generations, toy shields have made warlike kids excited. Explore our great selection of foam swords from Liontouch and read more about the history of the different swords. This can make you wiser, when it comes to choosing the right sword for your next battle. Each sword has its own strengths and weaknesses, and it can be difficult to choose the right toy sword.

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King Sword Excalibur, King Arthur
Item No. 102LT Out of stock
73 57 x 10 cm 0.073 EVA
$17.95 Not available
Noble Knight Sword, Red
Item No. 10350LT In stock
0.085 57 x 8,5 cm 0.085 EVA
Liontouch Noble Knight Sword, blue
Item No. 103LT In stock
0.098 57 x 8,5 cm 0.086 EVA
Maltese Sword, Maltese Line
Item No. 138LT In stock
92 58 x 14,5 cm 0.092 EVA
Knight Sword, Fleur-de-lis
Item No. 15000LT In stock
0.08 58,5 x 12,5 cm 0.08 EVA
Z-Sword, Z Bandit Line
Item No. 16000LT Out of stock
0.078 57 x 12 cm 0.078 EVA
$15.95 Not available
Musketeer Sword, Musketeer Line
Item No. 16100LT In stock
0.084 60 x 40 x 52 cm 0.084 EVA
Princess Sword, Rose Mary
Item No. 16300LT In stock
0.081 50 x 13 cm 0.081 EVA
Pirate Sword, Captain Cross
Item No. 18101LT In stock
0.062 0.062 EVA
Flame Sword, Fantasy Line
Item No. 189LT Out of stock
70 51 x 10,5 cm 0.07 EVA
$14.95 Not available
Princess Sword, Diamond Heart
Item No. 250LT In stock
73 48 x 10,5 cm 0.073 EVA
Queen Sword, Queen Rosa
Item No. 25100LT In stock
0.069 57 x 33 x 54 0.069 EVA
Princess Sword, Crystal Princess
Item No. 25200LT In stock
0 0.075 EVA Skum
Knight Sword, Golden Eagle
Item No. 27000LT In stock
0.073 0.073 EVA
Mystery Knight Sword, Knight Line
Item No. 28000LT In stock
0.1 0.1 EVA
Prince Lionheart Sword, Prince Line
Item No. 29000LT In stock
0.1 0.1 EVA
King Sword, Triple Lion
Item No. 29100LT In stock
0 0.078
King Sword, Kingmaker
Item No. 29200LT In stock
0 0.075 EVA Skum
Knight Sword, Amber Dragon
Item No. 29300LT In stock
0 0.075 EVA Skum
Samurai Sword, Samurai Line
Item No. 29500LT In stock
0 54 cm. 0.075 EVA Skum
Sword Box, Liontouch
Item No. 29600LT In stock
0 3 EVA Skum
Roman Sword, Roman Line
Item No. 30000LT Out of stock
0.1 0.1 EVA
$17.95 Not available
Viking Sword, red handle
Item No. 50000LT In stock
0 0.083
Viking Sword, blue handle
Item No. 50001LT In stock
0 0.083
Dragon Catcher Sword, Fantasy Line
Item No. 71000LT Out of stock
0.077 49,5 x 11 cm 0.077 EVA
$15.95 Not available
Dragon Sword, Fantasy Line
Item No. 711LT In stock
0.077 53 x 12 cm 0.077 EVA

    Toy swords in different shapes and colors

    Liontouch sells toy swords in all sizes, shapes and color. This makes it easy for you to fine exactly the foam sword you are looking for and that fits your costume. Our selection includes pink toy swords, sword decorated with golden lions or the classic silver-colored toy sword. If you pick a Viking sword, you even get to choose if you want a red or a blue toy sword.

    But remember not to judge a sword by its cover. Foam swords from Liontouch are not just for show – they are made for fighting in the battlefield. Therefore, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the story behind the different foam shield, before you choose which sword you want.

    Foam sabre or foam sword – do you know the difference?

    At Liontouch, you can both buy foam sabres and foam swords. The difference is that a foam sword has two sharp edges, whilst the foam sabre only has one. If you are an elegant fencer, you might as well look for a rapier in our webshop. In contrast to the foam sabre and the foam sword, the rapier has no sharp sides, but only a sharp tip, which makes it the most difficult toy sword to master.

    No matter which foam sword you choose, it is security and quality tested. All foam shields that we sell on Liontouch are made from EVA foam. EVA foam is an acknowledged material for toys. It is a flexible and elastic material that does not contain unhealthy phthalates. Foam swords from Liontouch carefully spare children from hard strokes and protect everyone, who are in the game.