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Through generations, toy shields have made warlike kids excited. Explore our great selection of foam swords from Liontouch and read more about the history of the different swords. This can make you wiser, when it comes to choosing the right sword for your next battle. Each sword has its own strengths and weaknesses, and it can be difficult to choose the right toy sword. The swords are for 3 years old children and older. 

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Noble Knight Sword, Red
Item No. 10350LT In stock
Noble Knight Sword, Red Red 10350LT EVA 57 x 8,5 cm 0.085 5707307103506
109,95 kr.
Liontouch Noble Knight Sword, blue
Item No. 103LT In stock
Liontouch Noble Knight Sword, blue Knight Line, Noble Knight 103LT EVA foam 57 x 8,5 cm 0.086 5707307001031
109,95 kr.
Noble Knight Sword, red, small
Item No. 10650LT In stock
Noble Knight Sword, red, small 10650LT EVA Skum 53 cm. 0.075 5707307106507
99,95 kr.
Noble Knight Sword, blue, small
Item No. 106LT In stock
Noble Knight Sword, blue, small 106LT EVA Skum 53 cm. 0.075 5707307001062
99,95 kr.
Mini Lion Sword, Blue
Item No. 12011LT In stock
Mini Lion Sword, Blue 12011LT EVA Skum 0 5707307120114
69,95 kr.
Mini Lion Sword, Red handle
Item No. 12012LT In stock
Mini Lion Sword, Red handle 12012LT EVA Skum 0 5707307120121
69,95 kr.
Knight Sword, König Rotstein
Item No. 137LT In stock
Knight Sword, König Rotstein König Rotstein 137LT EVA 58 x 14,5 cm 0.107 5707307001376
85,45 kr.
Maltese Sword, Maltese Line
Item No. 138LT In stock
Maltese Sword, Maltese Line Knight Line, Maltese Line 138LT EVA 58 x 14,5 cm 0.092 5707307001383
109,95 kr.
Knight Sword, Fleur-de-lis
Item No. 15000LT In stock
Knight Sword, Fleur-de-lis Fleur-de-lis 15000LT EVA 58,5 x 12,5 cm 0.08 5707307150005
98,95 kr.
Z-Sword, Z Bandit Line
Item No. 16000LT In stock
Z-Sword, Z Bandit Line Z Bandit Line 16000LT EVA 57 x 12 cm 0.078 5707307160004
109,95 kr.
Musketeer Sword, Musketeer Line
Item No. 16100LT In stock
Musketeer Sword, Musketeer Line Musketeer Line 16100LT EVA 60 x 40 x 52 cm 0.084 5707307161001
109,95 kr.
Princess Sword, Rose Mary
Item No. 16300LT In stock
Princess Sword, Rose Mary Princess Rose Mary 16300LT EVA 50 x 13 cm 0.081 5707307163005
94,95 kr.
Pirate Sword, Captain Cross
Item No. 18101LT Out of stock
Pirate Sword, Captain Cross Pirat Line, Captain Cross 18101LT EVA 0.062 5707307181016
109,95 kr. Not available
Flame Sword, Fantasy Line
Item No. 189LT In stock
Flame Sword, Fantasy Line Fantasy Line (Flame) 189LT EVA 51 x 10,5 cm 0.07 5707307001895
94,95 kr.
Princess Sword, Diamond Heart
Item No. 250LT In stock
Princess Sword, Diamond Heart Princess Diamond Heart 250LT EVA 48 x 10,5 cm 0.073 5707307002502
94,95 kr.
Queen Sword, Queen Rosa
Item No. 25100LT In stock
Queen Sword, Queen Rosa Queen Line, Queen Rosa 25100LT EVA 57 x 33 x 54 0.069 5707307251009
94,95 kr.
Princess Sword, Crystal Princess
Item No. 25200LT In stock
Princess Sword, Crystal Princess Princess Line, Crystal Princess 25200LT EVA Skum 0.06 5707307252006
109,95 kr.
Knight Sword, Golden Eagle
Item No. 27000LT In stock
Knight Sword, Golden Eagle Knight Line, Golden Eagle 27000LT EVA 0.073 5707307270000
109,95 kr.
Mystery Knight Sword, Knight Line
Item No. 28000LT In stock
Mystery Knight Sword, Knight Line Knight Line, Mystery Knight 28000LT EVA 0.1 5707307280009
109,95 kr.
Prince Lionheart Sword, Prince Line
Item No. 29000LT In stock
Prince Lionheart Sword, Prince Line Prince Line, Lionheart 29000LT EVA 0.1 5707307290008
109,95 kr.
King Sword, Triple Lion
Item No. 29100LT In stock
King Sword, Triple Lion King Line, Triple Lion 29100LT 0.078 5707307291005
109,95 kr.
King Sword, Kingmaker
Item No. 29200LT Out of stock
King Sword, Kingmaker King Line, Kingmaker 29200LT EVA Skum 0.075 5707307292002
109,95 kr. Not available
Knight Sword, Amber Dragon
Item No. 29300LT Out of stock
Knight Sword, Amber Dragon Amber Dragon 29300LT EVA Skum 0.075 5707307293009
109,95 kr. Not available
Samurai Sword, Samurai Line
Item No. 29500LT In stock
Samurai Sword, Samurai Line Samurai Line 29500LT EVA Skum 54 cm. 0.075 5707307295003
109,95 kr.
Roman Sword, Roman Line
Item No. 30000LT In stock
Roman Sword, Roman Line Roman Line 30000LT EVA 0.1 5707307300004
109,95 kr.
Viking Sword, red handle
Item No. 50000LT In stock
Viking Sword, red handle Viking Line, Harald 50000LT 0.083 5707307500008
109,95 kr.
Viking Sword, blue handle
Item No. 50001LT In stock
Viking Sword, blue handle Viking Line, Harald 50001LT EVA Skum 0.083 5707307500015
109,95 kr.