Pirate costumes for kids

At Liontouch, we sell pirate costumes for kids, which prepare little pirates for their next challenge.  Whether it is a fancy dress ball or an encounter with the enemy at the nearest playground, pirates always need to be alert. Out pirate costumes will help pirates get ready to battle.

Pirate Sabre, Captain Cross
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Pirate Sword, Captain Cross
Item No. 18101LT
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Pirate Hook, Captain Cross
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Pirate Cape, Captain Cross
Item No. 18103LT
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Pirate Hat, Captain Cross
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How to find the right pirate sword

In our webshop, you will find much more than just pirate costumes. We sell all the equipment you’ll need to make your pirate fancy dress look real. It might be an eye patch or a hook. But your pirate costume remains incomplete until you find the right pirate sword. Beside pirate swords, you can also find a dagger, a sabre or a gun that fits your costume.

Are you a corsair or a pirate? 

Pirates rob, plunder and torture whilst corsairs are much calmer, and mostly just like hunting for treasure chests. At Liontouch we do not only help out pirates in search for their next costume. We also have a wide selection of corsair costumes. To make your corsair costume complete, we offer accessories such as corsair hats, shields or a knife.

If you don’t know whether you are a pirate or a corsair, you can read our story about the friendly corsair Captain Stripe. If you agree with him, you are most likely in search of a corsair costume. 

Pirate costumes in high quality

When you buy either a pirate costume or a corsair fancy dress from Liontouch, you can be sure that we assign importance to design, quality and safety. In our opinion, a real pirate costume needs to be both accurate and durable. Besides that, pirate costumes for kids should be should be safe for everyone who participates in the game. Therefore we chose EVA foam for most of our accessories, including the pirate sword. EVA foam is a flexible material that does not contain unhealthy phthalates.