Toy tools for creative kids

Toy tools can be fun both for boys and girls. A box full of toy tools provides the kids with good opportunities to reconstruct the entire playroom or help mum and dad with DIY-projects around the house. Beside the many creative projects, the toy tools also make it easy to learn what screwing, sawing and hammering means. To cut a long story short: There is hours and hours of playtime and learning hidden in a box packed with tools for kids.

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Tool Bag, Tool
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Builder's Helmet, Tool
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Choose the right toy tools

Before you equip little craftsmen with toy tools, it is a good idea to carefully consider what qualities and characteristics you want from the tools – and what attributes you do not want. At Liontouch, we believe that toy tools for kids should be safe to play with. Hence, every Liontouch product has passed a safety test, before it falls into the hands of little craftsmen. Each tool is produced with care for those, who are going to play with it. 

Toy tools make the game feel real

At Liontouch we care about making our toy tools look like real tools. This is because tools for kids become extra cool to play with, if it looks like real tools, but in a smaller size. It makes the game much more fun and more alive, and what used to be an adult DIY project will soon be a task to be solved by the entire family.

Toy tools in premium quality

A lot of people place emphasis on durability and quality when they shop for toy tools for kids - and at Liontouch we think the same way. Premium quality means that our toy tool last longer and maybe even be passed on to your little brother or sister, when they are old enough to play with the toy tools.