Toys telling a story

Liontouch doesn’t just give you quality toys – you also get a story!

Perhaps we’re a bit childish sometimes, but that’s okay when you’re making toys. Every time we create a new line, we start by looking at an imaginary universe and the we make toys that fit. Often, we let a character, a story or a legend define the universe and thereby which toys we need to develop to facilitate playing. The tails of heroes and heroines are particularly fascinating to us. Whether it’s the Noble Knight, the most unselfish knight in the kingdom, the fearless Viking chief Harald or the sword fighting Crystal Princess, they’re characterized by their skills and passion.

Have you heard about the Knight Clan Golden Eagle, that got its name from a legendary battle with a rival clan where a golden eagle showed up out of nowhere and attacked the enemy clan leader? Or do you know about the Mystery Knight, a notorious tournament knight who’s face nobody has ever seen? What about Captain Cross, the sailor who got tired of rules and became a pirate with golden treasures hidden all over the world instead? These characters are just three examples of the many stories and universes that Liontouch has created and developed toys for. Explore our lines and find the story you like the most.

Did you know that there’s a story to all our products? On the product pages you can find a short description that tells you something about the product in relation to the story. For instance, the magical Flame Sword that burns forever and has a dragon claw as core, or the Pirate Hook that enables you to get a good grip of your opponent. If you need your imagination kickstarted, we can surely help you.