Fancy dresses for little Vikings

A Viking is scary because of his look. Therefore a Viking costume is ideal if you wish to be feared by the people you meet.

In our webshop, you find a wide range of Viking fancy dresses, but you also find accessories for your Viking costume.  Amongst the accessories we offer is the classic round Viking shield, a Viking weapon and a Viking helmet.

Viking Line Harald

Viking Sword, red handle
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Viking Sword, blue handle
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Viking Shield, Viking Line
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Viking Cape, Viking Line
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Viking Axe, Viking Line
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Viking Helmet, Viking Line
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Get to know the story behind the Viking costumes

At Liontouch, you can shop for Viking costumes that can scare even the bravest of your classmates or get people to imagine themselves back to the Viking age. We give weight to making our Viking costumes, Viking shields and Viking weapon look as real and accurate as possible. Therefore, there is a story behind all of our Viking costumes which shows through in the choice of color, shape and size.  

The Viking costume series for kids is inspired by the time around year 800, when the most feared Viking of the North, Harald, ravaged. Harald was known as an experienced sailer and a fearless warrior, but most of all, he was known for his many Viking weapons. One or more Viking weapons can make your Viking fancy dress look real and make others fear you even more. In our webshop you find a wide range of Viking weapons, such as swords and axes, but there are also different kinds of Viking shields that protect you, when you go on a raid.

Viking costumes of high quality

When you buy a Viking costume from Liontouch, we do not only deliver a fancy dress that makes you look like a true Viking. All of our Viking costumes are also quality and security tested. This means, that the choice of materials is based on their ability to protect the child who wears the Viking costume and plays with the Viking weapon and other Viking accessories. Almost all of our Viking accessories are made from EVA foam, which is an acknowledged material for toys that does not contain unhealthy phthalates. All of our Viking costumes and Viking fancy dresses are labelled with the CE-label, which indicates that the product lives up to the European legislation.