Liontouch has a clear stand on safety; our toys must be safe to play with.

When creating a product, we think about safety from the beginning. Safety needs to be in order – otherwise we don’t make the product. This means that our swords and shields and a lot of the accessories are produced in EVA-foam* which gives us the ability to make solid toys that can bend completely without breaking. As opposed to many others, we never use a stick inside our swords for stabilization because it often wears its way through the outer layer and becomes dangerous for the children’s eyes. We do, however, design our sword with up to five layers of foam, which secures stability while they are still able to bend off.

Before a product is produced, we make sure to test it at the international test agency Intertek, so we’re sure that it lives up to the European and American safety standards for kids of three years and up. We have an ongoing dialog with our regular suppliers as well as an external expert in Denmark about the current development of testing and safety, so we’re always complying with the law. Because of our focus on safety, besides the quality and design of the products of course, we’re currently supplying Disney-parks in both Europe and the US and Playmobil FunPark and Europa-Park in Europe, where the safety requirements are extremely high.

This we do:

  • Test all new products at an external test agency
  • Think about safety from the first time a product is sketched
  • Make air holes in our helmets so you can breathe even if it covers your nose and mouth

This we don't do:

  • Use plastic sticks to stabilize our swords
  • Make helmets that cover the eyes and give a false impression of being safety equipment
  • Frequently change suppliers, which makes quality control impossible

Liontouch-products are CE-marked.

*The EVA-foam we use is always newly made. Recycled foam can’t be made with an exact color and has the risk having air bubbles and small holes in it.

Original Danish design

Liontouch is a Danish brand that specializes in toys for kids. Our products are protected under trademark law. Everything we do is out of our office in Hellerup, Denmark.

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Sustainable toys

At Liontouch we wish to stimulate active play that goes on and on. It's important to us that we support the mortor development in a healthy and sustainable manner.

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Sikkerhed først

Safety is the highest priority at Liontouch. Always. We think about safety from the beginning to the end of the product development and comply with all European safety standards.

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