Triple Lion

The Triple Lion series is based on a magnificent castle in the desolate wilderness. It’s here that the Triple Lion king rules, not only as a king but also as a formidable knight. The three golden lions are the king and castle’s coat of arms: a lion for courage, a lion for honour and a lion for hope. Together the three golden lions create an almost impervious community that carries on the history and legend of Triple Lion for generations to come.

Set, Triple Lion
Item No. 29105LT
kr. 499,95 Not available
King Sword, Triple Lion
Item No. 29100LT
kr. 139,95
King Shield, Triple Lion
Item No. 29101LT
kr. 189,95
King Crown, Triple Lion
Item No. 29102LT
kr. 79,95
King Cape, Triple Lion
Item No. 29103LT
kr. 219,95