Privacy Policy
When ordering and purchasing items at the Liontouch website you have to provide Liontouch with the following information:
Phone number
We are registering and sharing private data with the only purpose to be able to deliver the bought items to you. All sharing of private information is encrypted.
When gathering private information via the Liontouch website we always assure that this is not done without your explicit acceptance. Thus you are precisely informed what kind of private data/information Liontouch is sharing. All private information shared with Liontouch is not shared with or sold to third party and Liontouch is not storing sensitive private information.    
Private information registered by Liontouch is stored for five years and is hereafter deleted.
The responsible of the registration of private information at Liontouch is the CEO. 
As registered at the Liontouch website you are always entitled to send us your objections concerning our registration of your private information. According to your national legal rights. Concerning registration issues please contact us at