There are 2 years of warranty on the products. The warranty covers material and manufacturing defects. Visiodan A/S will cover the cost of return to a reasonable extend.

The warranty doesn’t cover defects caused by incorrect usage of the product.  In case of a return Visiodan A/S must be notified and the products must be sent to:

Prime Cargo
Greve Main 17
2670 Greve
If a refund has been agreed upon, please send your bank information, so we can tranfer the agreed amount.
Within 28 days of purchase in our web shop you can get a refund. This time is calculated on the basis of the day you received your order. 
You must cover the cost of the return yourself.  
In case you want to return the order and get a refund, we must be notified within the 28 days after the arrival of the purchase and the order must be returned within the next 14 days after that.  
Information regarding returns must be given by e-mail admin@liontouch.com. In the e-mail you must clearly state that you want to use your right to return the product. You can also use our returns form. 
The condition of the product when returned
You may use the product in the same way as you would do when trying the product in a physical store. Any further degradation to the value of the product is your responsibility and therefor a cost you must cover. 
If the product has been used more than what you would do to test it in a physical store, we regard it as used, which means that you only get a part of the original purchase price back if any at all, according to the retail value of the product. 
To get a full refund you are allowed to do what you would do in a physical store. You may test the product, but not take into usage.
If you have a complaint about a product purchased in our webshop, you can file your complain on the online complaint platform of the EU Commission:  


If you file a complaint here, you must state our e-mail address: admin@liontouch.com