Sustainability is to do away with the throw away mentality

Liontouch is built on Danish core values: design and quality. These principles have resulted in countless iconic designs over the last decades that are characterized by being structurally sound while having a timeless appearance. This makes it possible to pass on products through generations or to resell them, since the value remains. Examples of this are The Egg chair by Arne Jacobsen and the PH Lamp by Paul Henningsen. That's the tradition that we want to build on.

Since Liontouch is about toys, we' have added safety to our core values. We want to create toys that inspire active playing and toys that can actually withstand being played with. In fact, we aim to make products that can be passed on from the older brother to the younger brother, thereby continuing the long tradition of Danish design. Liontouch products are not made to be bought and thrown away shortly after - they are made to be played with time after time.

Toy swords after years of use in the local kindergarten - still in one piece.
Toy shields after years of use in the local kindergarten - still in one piece.
Closeup of a viking sword after years of use in a kindergarten - still looking fine.
Swords returned from the kindergarten

Shields returned from the kindergarten
Viking sword returned from the kindergarten

Tested by an entire kindergarten

Toys are made for playing, that's their purpose. Therefore, we dump a pile of products at the local kindergarten when we are developing new items. This is the ultimate test to see whether the products can last active play. If they hold up as they should, we continue the process towards final production. But should we encounter an issue, then we take a second look at it and see where we can improve.

After having been played with by the entire kindergarten, after having been left outside all year for many years and after having been taking a lot of beatings all day long by the kids, we exchange the old products with fresh supplies. The products that we get back are usually in one piece, but depending on how hard they have been treated, the printing and decorations are worn. But we don't mind because it means that the product facilitated active play for many years - and that's what matters.

The local kindergarten is in the process of product testing.
The kindergarten kids are continuing their tests of the Liontouch products.
The Flame-line is also being tested. An earlier image shows the Flame shield after the tests were concluded.

Indestructible? Of course not.

Even though the Liontouch products are tough, they sometimes get damaged. Especially if they are treated roughly. The most common problem is that the outer layer lets go of the layer beneath, like shown in the picture below. That can easily be fixed though. Just give it a little bit of household glue and interlock the layers. When the glue is dry, the sword can once again be played with and we save the environment from buying a replacement. Have you had any issues with a Liontouch product? We would love to hear from you so that we can further optimize future production.

The most common issue the toy sword have. But don't throw it away - it can easily be fixed!
Just give the sword a bit of household glue.
Make sure to apply pressure. This way we spare the environment the need for a replacement.
Top layer has gone loose? No problem.

Give the sword a bit of household glue to repair it.

...and interlock the layers until the glue has dried.