The best design

Toys made for imaginative play

Liontouch greatly focuses on details, feel and design. In this way we support the imagination of the children and allow them to dive completely into a world of playing.

The best quality

Toys for active play

At Liontouch we wish to stimulate active play that goes on and on. It's important to us that we support the mortor development in a healthy and sustainable manner.

Saftey first

Toys for responsible play.

Safety is the highest priority at Liontouch. Always. We think about safety from the beginning to the end of the product development and comply with all European safety standards.
Liontouch and sustainability
At Liontouch we care about your child’s development, but also about the world your child is living in. Since the beginning in 1997, we have designed products intended to last. Thereby we have set ourselves aside from our low-quality competitors, who’s products soon will create the need for a new toy.

In the creation of new product lines, the environment is thought into the equation. We will try to implement more bio-based and recycled materials for the products as well as the packaging. We will implement this while maintaining the high-quality level of Liontouch’s design and safety – a challenge that we look forward to face!